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There's No Such Thing As A Bad View At This Idyllic Oceanside Gem

Some memories stay with us forever, especially the ones featuring happy times with friends and loved ones. Such was the case for one Seattle-area resident looking to make some for her own family. “My dad built a house on Whidbey Island years ago, and my whole family spent many holidays up there,” she shares. “We were there all the time.” After her father sold the house several years back, she and her husband decided to find a getaway where they could create memories of their own.

Lake Washington

Life on The Cove

Tucked in a quiet cove on Lake Washington stands an elegant new home that stands in sweet light. Its white wood v-groove exterior, traditional gables and contemporary two-story steel frame windows create an unexpected yet harmonious architectural marriage that catches the eye of most passersby.

Lake Chelan

Cabin Ferver

After snatching up a narrow piece of land on Lake Chelan, Washington—but knowing they couldn’t yet afford to build—Seattleites Aaron and Hilary Richmond bought a 32-foot Airstream, and camped there on weekends for eight years while they piggy-banked funds.


Sophisticated Touches Fill A 1920s Seattle Abode

Designer Amy Baker and her clients were in lockstep from day one as she began renovating the couple’s 1928 Mediterranean-style Seattle home. “These were experienced clients,” says the designer.


Amy Baker Profile

As a solitary child in the 1970s my creative process was pure instinct. Dance was choreographed adjacent to a console record player. Drawing, painting and silk screening happened in our basement rec room.


Warming the Empty Nest

Interior designer Amy Baker, architect Daniel Skaggs, lighting designer Carol dePelecyn and contractor Krekow Jennings team up to add intimacy and comfort to 4,000-square-foot condo.

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